Leslie Tammariello

About the artist

I was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana and studied visual arts at the University of Southwestern Louisiana. Lafayette is a place where passion for food, art and music are a way of life. It is also a place where family and faith go hand in hand. I consider myself blessed to be part of a family that immersed itself in this rich culture. This community has also influenced and defined the artist that I am today. I have a wonderful life that I share with my husband Mark and our four beautiful children. Being a stay at home mom has been a blessing and has allowed me to take significant time to experiment with different mediums and techniques. I especially find pleasure with the movement of color and texture. I typically start a piece spontaneously and then become more detailed as the composition starts to show itself. In many of my pieces there are no preliminary notions of what is going to transpire. I notice different characteristics and forms in the middle of the process, and then nurture it to allow it to develop almost on its own. My hope is that the viewer gets an insight into both who I am as an artist, a mother, a wife, a Christian and a human being.

- Leslie